Regular meetings are scheduled on the second Thursday or every month.  Please call or email us for time and location info.



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Member Benefits

Members of GADA enjoy a myriad of useful benefits, some of which are listed below:


Peer Support - GADA is made up of fellow multifamily owners, investors, managers, bankers, and community members with a common belief in providing quality affordable housing options within the Austin community.  As your peers, the members are an invaluable resource with over a century of aggregate experience between them who are able to provide free support, advice, and common experiences with which members can use to help improve their investment returns, asset performance, and level of services.


Education - GADA members are experienced in all aspects of property ownership, management, and service delivery.  GADA meetings serve as an open forum to share ideas and to learn from each other--all with the common goal of improving our great neighborhood.  The network of members are available at all times and are able to assist and consult with fellow members whenever a need arises.  While a formal education is of course great, nothing beats GADA's ability to provide its members with real-world, hands-on, practical knowledge.


Bulk Purchasing Power - GADA members have the ability to negotiate certain contracts for goods and services at rates reserved for large companies, thereby saving members money over time.


Benefits Derived From Many Working Towards Common Goals - by banding together, GADA members are able to build more support for its goals and to better preserve the interests of its members than would be possible with each owner working alone.  GADA also has communication with several other regional development associations which further enhances our ability to achieve long-term goals in the community.


Relationship Building - GADA membership provides the perfect means by which to meet fellow community members and activists and build relationships that will not only be educationally and financially beneficial, but emotionally fulfilling as well.  GADA members are a 'work hard, play hard' group of people.  Social activities are part of the membership as well!


Access To Useful Information - GADA members share current natural gas prices, insurance premium information, eviction lists, and a myriad of other important information that allows its members to ensure they are managing their investments as efficiently as possible.


$100 annually for lender members.


$2.00 per unit located in Austin with $100 minimum for developers and owners.



Our members provide high-quality affordable housing throughout the Austin community and are resolved to improving the quality of life in the largest and 'BEST' community in Chicago.  For membership info, please click the Contact Us link above.


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